If you take a five-minute walk on Market Street in Onancock, more than four centuries of colorful history roll out for you and connect with the 21st century.

At the wharf, a colorful sign noting the town's 1680 charter harks back to a time when Indians roamed the shores of Onancock Creek, before English-speaking explorers came ashore. The name, Onancock, is derived from the Indian word "auwannaku" meaning foggy place.

Along Market Street, mid-19th century homes were land bases for sea captains who sailed the bay in vessels large and small. Late 19th century houses with intricate Victorian gingerbread trim represent the flourishing steamboat era during which Onancock connected itself firmly to cosmopolitan Baltimore. Steepled 19th century churches with beautiful stained glass house active congregations now as for the past cenury.

Back to waterside life, today's times sing out in sleek boats tied securely to the wharf. Glancing around as you walk up the street, you'll see many grandfatherly trees and colorful new plantings of shrubs and flowers gracing the streets.

All in all, Onancock is not pretend nor is it plastic. It is an authentic, living town. It invites you to visit whenever a spare minute, or a spare weekend, presents itself. A self-guided walking tour brochure, available from many businesses in town, will help you locate various sites.

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