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John Fiege, CFP

john fiege, cfp certified financial planner

Business Name: John Fiege, Certified Financial Planner

Address: 34 Market Street 

Phone: 757-302-6131

Existing Website:

Hours of Operation: M-F 9 a.m. - 5 p.m.; appointment preferred

About the Business:   John Fiege, CFP®, offers objective advice to help you reach your goals and find peace of mind.  We specialize in low-cost, well-diversified investing and coordinated, comprehensive financial planning.  We also offer efficient, hourly reviews and second opinions covering any financial topics you wish.  The firm provides the highest standard of care as a fiduciary as we are fee-only and do not receive commissions, accept referral fees, or earn incentive awards. Your costs are clearly shown to you up front.